New Poem: “Monday & Tuesday” by Maggie McGinity

I had a couple of nightmares for the past 2 nights, and I decided to write a poem about them and the general uncertainty of my life.

Twinning Pick can be found here.

Monday & Tuesday
By Maggie McGinity

Visibility is low
But still, but still I go
Albums and allies come crashing down
But still I’m on the road

Wrap me in a white blanket
And I’ll knit one eventually
Wrap the world in ice and bet
You won’t see much of me

The winter refuses to leave
There will be no eternal spring
My plots and plans I give and grieve
And hide beneath the bedsprings

The box appears to know my moods
It aims to sympathize and soothe
Its lyrics mimic the mares, the moments
I wish my dreaming mind hadn’t spent

It’s really starting to get to me
It’s hard to pretend this is casual and easy
I care too much about everything
These whiplash changes leave me queasy

And those static things I thought I’d need
Have found a way my fears to feed
Though right now no struggles to breathe, to bleed,
I’m lost in word, and deed, indeed.

Please don’t tell me of those plans you made
I don’t want an arrangement I can’t change
Still I refuse to run away
All I know of my life is that one day

I am worried I have lent
All my money, all my time
For twisted words and sentiment
Better left to rhymes

They say you can’t put a price on piece of mind.
I have to, I’ve had to, many times.
They say to chase your dreams and never stop.
Alack, alas. It’s lonely at the top.”


“All my nightmares escape my head
Bar the door, please don’t let them in
You were never supposed to leave
Now my head’s splitting at the seams
And I don’t know if I can”

-“Welcome Home, Son”
by Radical Face

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