NaPoWriMo #3: “High-Hoped Hypotheses” by Maggie McGinity

Originally had to post this on mobile, and it messed up the formatting and cut out some content :/. Twinning Pick for this poem here. On a real computer now and fixing everything.

High-Hoped Hypotheses

By Maggie McGinity 

I wish I could tell her she was right
About her high-hoped hypotheses
For now, at length, it’s come to light
That they were more like prophecies

I wish I could remember
She never held on tight
How could she know she’d get to surrender
To every feeling she’d fight?

I wish I could show her that her future wasn’t faceless,
Shapeless and unknown.
Though she’d never openly embrace this
She’d cling to what she was shown

To tell her that her voice
Could change this story’s tone,
That someone else’s choice
Would challenge her to make her own

A different choice, one born of hope
She’d already learn how to cope
And who cared if the feelings fled another way?
She knew that hers would stay

Without assumptions, without expectations,
She knew this would be no vacation.
The friendship changed, somehow more fun.
But that summer girl’s not the worrying one

I wish I could see that last April girl
And tell her not to run away
That her heart wasn’t somewhere out there in the world
But right where she should stay

I wish I could keep her safer
Not from pain, but the rain of its thoughts.
Though she had plenty of faith, her
Reliance she forgot

But I’m glad she was smart, and I’m glad she was scared,
And I’m glad we are here, and I’m glad we were there,
With naked eyes, and unbrushed hair,
That September girl, completely unprepared

The reason for the rhymes.
She didn’t know what to do,
But quietly, all resistance
Slipped off like laceless shoes.
Now all is mine in this dance,
And rarely I am blue,
But somehow, all that time,
She knew.”


“I don’t wanna steal you away
Or make you change the things that you believe
I just wanna drink from the words you say
And be everything you need
Yeah, I could be so good at loving you
But only if you told me to”
-“If You Told Me To” by Hunter Hayes


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