NaPoWriMo #9: “Only One Dimple” by Maggie McGinity

Found out so much today, but I still have so much to learn. Too much remaining ignorance, not enough time, how do they expect me to make up my mind?

Dual audiences for the poem.

Only One Dimple
By Maggie McGinity

I want to know
If I’ll get to go
Where I want to go

Where I want to go
Is into your arms
And out of harm

Life isn’t simple
With only one dimple
And limited charms to strangers
The dangers
Are few and far between
But they amount to everything

I am scared of building a new life
Much left behind in stress and strife
I want to be left alone
To make my way and make a home

I am wasteful
And greedy
And needy
And I will not get in line
The potential, the guilt
I feel to the hilt
Of how I spend my mind

I want to know
If I’ll get to go
Where I want to go

But likely the answer is no
And that’s fine
I can go elsewhere for mine

I just want to know
Cards on the table
Willing and able
I need to see them in a row

And I can’t let it go
Until you let me know”

Quote because I don’t want to look another one up:

“Take my hand, baby, I’ll lead the way
Don’t be afraid
We’ll walk through the valleys and through the fields
With our love as a shield
Yeah we will be all right
At least, at least in our minds”
-“The Storm” by Elenowen


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