NaPoWriMo #20: “Summer Day” by Maggie McGinity

A very important day on which I realized I actually needed to assemble a present, though at least I was present.

Summer Day
By Maggie McGinity

Summer day
Almost yesterday
Now it’s gone away
Darkening the skies
Walked this way
Into this cafe
Comfortable on time
Here and now to find
Everyday this rhyme, my
Someday, after all that time

And it’s nice, a chunk of
Reality where
Everything’s in line

Made up presto, looked up pesto
And nothing else
Down and up the stairs and ramps
Every little step helps

Four times, the root beers
Over hopes and dreams and fears
Reverence, rememberance and dears

Silence can speak volumes, but
Hearing you
Answered many curiosities
Ringing through my philosophies.
I’m glad for 1 p.m.
Now and again
Getting to talk with my best friend.”


“Two sips of whiskey in the flask but I’m not gonna drink ’em
I swear I’ll make it last
Til we’re drinking out of the same glass again

And though the sand may be washed by the sea
And the old will be lost in the new
Well four will not wait for three
For three never waited for two
And though you will not wait for me
I’ll wait for you”
-“Patient Love” by Passenger


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