Maggie’s Pick 7.6.2015: Magical Monday: “Meet Virginia” by Train

Hi kids. So for the remaining weeks of this month, I’m gonna try a themed day thing. I think I’ve done this before. Well I’ve done alliterations with song titles and days of the week before.

So today is Magical Monday, as will be all Mondays this month. Next month I have a theme in mind if Labor Day shakes out. I’ll be announcing day themes as they occur this week because there are still a few I’m not sure of.

“You see her confidence is tragic, but her
Intuition magic”

This song is a lesson in first impressions, and how they shouldn’t govern everything despite how important people always say they are. I used to never listen to this song because I don’t like the beginning, but they one day I was lazy and let it play on, and it turns out I love the chorus. It’s like a completely different song.

It’s kind of like how when I first met my boyfriend, I didn’t like him because he was sitting by someone I wanted to sit by. Now he’s my best friend and I get annoyed when other people sit by him.

Also I adopted a cat:


Her name is Peaches and she’s prettier than your cat.



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