‘Caustic Comment’ (new poem) + ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’

Light song, dark poem?

Light song, dark meaning?

No, from that video, seems like light song, light meaning, one meaning. Not like this poem. This poem is … well, I’ll let you decide what this poem is for yourself. Enjoy!

Caustic Comment
By Maggie McGinity

I want to leave and sleep
Let my heart its secrets keep
(Let my heart its secrets keep
Awhile longer)

I see where this is going.
I know the ways of showing
The soulmates have
In the lives of the people I love
(And every day, that love
Is growing stronger)

These troubles I tomorrowed.
Like b’loved books I borrowed,
Support of their pre-marked spines
Could never stay mine
(A silent scream as my heart
Takes me hostage)

So let me leave and sleep
Silence, distance keep
I know enough to see when I have lost it.
(I had no way of knowing
What the cost is)”


“I just can’t get you out of my head
Boy, its more than I dare to think about”
-“Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” by Kylie Minogue

“I think Hell is something you carry around with you. Now somewhere you go.” – Neil Gaiman

“And if you couldn’t be loved, the next best thing was to be let alone.” – L.M. Montgomery


‘Cœurs’ Commendations’ (new poem)

So tomorrow is my birthday. It’s supposed to be a happy occasion. Where I live, my birthday starts in 6.5 hours, but in WordPress-Land, it starts in less than one hour. I wrote a poem today and I’d like to share it, but it’s kind of depressing. Therefore I post it frantically now so it won’t bring down my happy birthday. Enjoy!

Cœurs’ Commendations
By Maggie McGinity

Silly conversations
And self-preservation
Couldn’t save me this time

Paper decorations
And cœurs’ commendations?
I’ll just have to get in line

The smoke is slowly clearing.
Although it’s change I’m fearing,
It’s time to face my fate

The hopes I’ve sheltered here
Have to disappear
Let’s get one thing straight:

They’ll never be together
Like we’ll never be together
For you’re hell-bent on Heaven
And gave me Hell for ‘forever.’
Though the seasons keep on changing,
There’ll be no change in the weather.

I’m lost, but I’m not losing two.
You’re lost, and I am losing you.
Loss proving our only truth.”

Lyrics from song I just alluded to:

“A drop in the ocean
A change in the weather
I was praying that you and me might end up together
It’s like wishing for rain as I stand in the desert
But I’m holding you closer than most ’cause you are my heaven”
– “A Drop In The Ocean,” by Ron Pope

And one more quote:

“Don’t want to let you down
But I am hell bound
Though this is all for you
Don’t want to hide the truth”
– “Demons,” by Imagine Dragons

‘Peach Cobbler’ (new poem)

How to scald a peach:
1. Dunk the peaches into a boiling water. Remove after 40 seconds.
2. Submerge the peaches in a bowl of ice water, and allow them to cool completely.

Abridged from How to Easily Peel Peaches

This summer I learned how to make peach cobbler.

It was delicious. But this semester I feel more like the peaches I learned how to scald. Blazing hot, then freezing cold. Especially now that winter’s coming and I can’t find compromise between the freezing outdoors and overheated indoors. Alas, I shall ne’er be comfortable again. At least not ’til spring. Enjoy the poem! 🙂

“Peach Cobbler
By Maggie McGinity

I have grown soft
And weak
And fragile as a peach
You scald the skin off me

So much easier than peeling
Back the layers of my soul
Drop me in boiling water
Then drench me in the cold

Rip me apart
Rip me too soon
I’m mush in your hands
Metaphor for “to swoon”

I shed my skin simply
At your request
Not daring or dimply
My insides undressed

Cut me with a knife
Or just words without letters?
Slice away. This peach life
Isn’t getting any better

Now I’m in pieces
Placed in a dish
You render me speechless
Grant me one last wish?

Please don’t hide me away
And leave me to bake.
Trapped in this scorching space,
With no way to escape?
Darling dearest,
Never near-est:
It’s more than I can take.”

So many quotes!

“What is hell? I maintain that it is the suffering of being unable to love.”
-Fyodor Dostoyevsky

“If you are going through hell, keep going.”
-Winston Churchill

“You better grab a hold and hold on for your life
Because you don’t get lucky twice”
-“Without the Bitter the Sweet Isn’t As Sweet” by Mayday Parade