Maggie’s Pick 5.4.2016: “August” by Bear Trap + 2 Star Wars songs

Hi kids. I’m blogging again.

Adulthood really hit me hard and completely knocked me off the blogging bandwagon. I’ve been wanting to get back to arbitrarily selecting songs for days recently, but early May is a minefield of holidays (May Day, primary Tuesday, May the Fourth, Cinco de Mayo).

As kind of an ironic nod to the fact that I haven’t blogged since August, I picked a song called August. After this, I’m going to try to Pick songs that are May-themed, but this month will probably also be kinda LDR-themed, as my life continues to be LDR-themed.

Anyways, song:

This song is better listened to with earbuds than speakers. Not sure why.

Also, it’s May the Fourth be with you (yay puns), so I have this, which brings me endless amusement when I listen to it:

And this, also funny, which reminds me of high school:

Yay blogging.


Maggie’s Pick 5.1.2015: “It’s Gonna Be Me” by ‘N Sync

So I was going to do a theme this month, but I’ve gotten tired of themes. So instead I’m going with a joke today. Technically I guess I should’ve Picked this yesterday, but it is gonna be May for the whole rest of the month. Ah May. The month I’ve been dreading for the longest time (oh-oh-oh).

Maggie’s Pick 1.25.2015: The Color Picks: “White Flag” by Dido

Hi friends! So sometimes I really want an excuse to Pick a specific song without just outright Picking it, so I come up with an elaborate set of themes that would explain away the Pick, and then I decide that I actually really like the elaborate set of themes and decide to do them.

That’s what’s happening today: Variations on a Theme: Color, alternately titled The Color Picks. I’ll have a more precise schedule for you later this week, but basically I’m going through the rainbow, just about every color getting a week of songs for it (there will be some combo weeks for underrepresented colors like orange and gray, and extra time for blue, because blue). This theme project is going to take the Picks through to the beginning of April, with is National Poetry Writing Month, an annual event at Maggie Lives. April will have its own theme, as will May, because while I can’t structure my future, I can structure my blog’s future.

This week’s color is White, and next week will be Pink, if I’ve remembering my own plans correctly. Color relationship can be with a song title, lyrics, artist name, album name, and song feeling/mood, if I get desperate. I’m not going to Pick a bad song just to fit the theme, but I will find ways to explain away seemingly unrelated good songs.

This is the first of The Color Picks. I was mainly introduced to this song through some karaoke video game (which is a thing I am obnoxiously good at due to my excessive musical training) when I was a freshman in high school, and I’ve liked it ever since. I love the chorus.

I can’t tell how I feel about this music video. I feel like there’s a very interesting story to be discovered here if I can just get past the annoying camera angles.