‘Frozen Faces’ (new poem)

Sometimes I try to forget the ugly things in this world: death, disease, war, destruction. I feel that I am not alone in this endeavor. However, every time I get close to a peaceful mind, the world finds a way to bring these things to the front of my thoughts.

This summer I took a class on Women’s Literature. It was enlightening and inspired me to begin writing poetry again, indirectly leading to my poem-a-day challenge. I had to read the poem “I Sit and Sew” by Alice Dunbar Nelson.


This poem is about a woman’s frustration with the futility of her housework while she is unable to aid soldiers in World War I.

The poem I’m about to share with you is my reaction to that poem. According to my notes, I wrote it on May 16, 2012.

Frozen Faces
by Maggie McGinity

Alas! What a waste:
Those souls quickly erased
By bullet or blast.
Transformed by another’s hand
To: a sad story,
A frozen face,
A call for glory,
And an empty space.”

I feel I must explain a bit. I do not believe souls are destroyed, merely moved. And I do not believe all these deaths are in vain. But often I wonder what the world would be without so much potential life, love, and learning lost.


“And I just can’t look. It’s killing me
And taking control.”
-“Mr. Brightside” by The Killers


‘Control’ (new poem)

Short one today. This is the longest Monday to date, and I’m constantly surprised it’s not Tuesday yet. Anyways, here’s a poem shorter than this explanatory paragraph. Enjoy!

by Maggie McGinity

My eyes consume your face.
Your eyes consume my soul.
This path, we can retrace,
But we cannot control.”

A relevant 90s music quote:

“I don’t care if it hurts
I want to have control
I want a perfect body
I want a perfect soul
I want you to notice
When I’m not around.
You’re so very special.
I wish I was special.”
-“Creep” by Radiohead

‘Weird’ (new poem)

I once heard that you should measure a year in love. If so, I am a rich woman.

I sometimes express my affection for others in strange ways. My friends and family can attest to this. For example, I like to call people I like “weird.” It’s a compliment coming from me, a praise to someone’s individuality.

Unfortunately, some people take it as an insult. I once had to stop calling someone weird for 40 days when I gave up insults for Lent. That was hard for me, because I never mean weird to be insulting. Whenever I say “You’re so weird,” I actually mean this:

” Weird
by Maggie McGinity

Wonderful, words are not enough to
Express in how many ways my life
Is different since the day I met you.
Readily I admit that I
Do not know what to do with a normal life.

Sometimes I know, if I had it to do
Over, and over, I would still choose:

Wonderful, words are not enough to
Express how much better my life
Is for knowing you.
Readily I admit that I
Don’t want anything to do with a normal life. ”

And now, a cliché quote about being weird:

“We are all a little weird and life’s a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.”
-Dr. Seuss

‘Homecoming’ (Acrostics are not real poems)

So I’ve been super-busy today. It’s ISU’s Cytenniel Homecoming celebration.

I just got back from the football game, where the Cyclones beat the Baylor Bears 35-21, and while I was there cheering, I did what any lazy poet would do: I wrote an acrostic about Homecoming. Here it is. Enjoy!

” Homecoming
by Maggie McGinity

However far I must travel
Over pavement, over gravel,
May my wandering bring me
Ever back to loving thee.
Cold is life without home in it
Oh, my journey, how I loathed to begin it.
Miles and miles, which separate,
nvested for a better fate.
ow I find my journey’s end
rant me entrance, home and friend.”

And quote:

“A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.”
-George Augustus Moore

Poem-a-Day Atonement Challenge/ ‘The World is Quiet Now'(new poem)

Hello! So to atone (make up for) the two weeks I didn’t write at all, I’m going to do better than posting a quote every day:

I’m going to post an original poem every day for the next two weeks.

Most will be poems I’ve already written, but a few will be created just for this challenge.

So here is my first one, “The World is Quiet Now.” I wrote it when I was hanging out with Nick and Sarah. They were studying some outsider poetry for a class, and the poet they were studying at the time rather promiscuous, overt and obvious. I decided to see if I could write a poem about the same topic that was much more subtle, and a few minutes later, I did. This is that poem.

The World is Quiet Now
By Maggie McGinity

The world is quiet now.

Where there once was one
Are there now two
Or nothing?

Who can say what sights are seen
Before closed eyes?
What is heard
By deafened ears?

Deafened or distracted?
Ardently or acted?
Cross the cost
With the cast.
Two are one at last?
Or never further (farther?)
From the truth?”

And quote:

“Does not everything depend on our interpretation of the silence around us?”
-Lawrence Durrell

Escape from Midterm Island

I know. I haven’t blogged in two weeks. I’m sorry. I’ve missed you too.

I’ve been trapped in my horribly over-scheduled month of October, also known as Midterm Island. In this month, I’ve already had six exams (about one every four days),


(my professors don’t curve grades) one group project,


, made 300-400 flashcards,

and I was in two concerts within two days of each other and learned that Percy Grainger’s Lincolnshire Posy quite a stressful piece for piccolo players:


In between the two concerts, I went to approximately four masterclasses for the flute studio.

I also wrote four album reviews/articles for work and a lot more choreography for the dance I’m working on. It’s gotten increasingly difficult since people keep quitting.

I have two more concerts this month alone and a test and two papers due tomorrow. My life is now an endless cycle of this:


I guess it’s true what they say of college:


I’ve already given up on sleep(coffee is the answer: https://magslives.wordpress.com/2012/10/04/wisdom-of-winnie-the-pooh/), so to compensate for the social life I try to study with friends.


Clearly not the best plan. Alas, someday I shall escape from midterm island. Come November 13, I will have absolutely no huge events for two and a half weeks. I shall have free time and every day I will do a happy dance.

Until then, though, I’m going to try to keep up with this by establishing a writing challenge tomorrow. Look for it!

And quote:

“He who devotes sixteen hours a day to hard study may become at sixty as wise as he thought himself at twenty.”
-Mary Wilson Little